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Not only does it look like a fierce competitor, our Avenger chassis features aggressive styling inside and out. You'll get the job done with one of our industry leading apparatus bodies which are always custom to your specifications.


Infinitely adjustable crew seating

Forward facing seats tracking, allows easily adjusted seat locations

Easily configured crew area, ability to add EMS compartments, add/remove seats and located them where the department wants them, can be changed later as the needs of the fire department change.

Crew Area HVAC

Improved performance, more CFM air flow, better cooling

New aggressive look

    • Differentiated from other apparatus

Extreme Duty Interior

    • No Plastic
    • Line-X Interior Spray
    • Aluminum Rear Wall
    • Aluminum dash and engine tunnel

    Superior Ride and Handling

      • Hendrickson Steertek front axle is standard
        • Capacity up to 24,000#
      • Parabolic Front Suspension as standard

      Improved Driver’s area

        • Suspended pedals
          • Easier to reach
          • Dirt and moisture do not collect around the base of the pedals
        • New steering Column
          • Integrated windshield wiper controls


        • Industry leading hip room for the driver and officer
          • Meets the hip room standard which is located in the NFPA Annex A.14.1.3
          • Large seats are standard
        •  Module Console and tunnel design
          • Easy to configure to needs of fire department
          • Readily accessible for both driver and officer
            • Items that the driver needs to access are within easy reach
            • Limits the need to take their eyes of the road

        Corrosion Resistance

          • New Fenderette design, which will help prevent corrosion around the wheel well.
          • Glued in canopy windows which will eliminate the seal and possible corrosion around the canopy window.

        Download Your AVENGER Brochure Here