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Rosenbauer Fire Truck Pumps

The right pump for every application

N1500 Normal Pressure Fire Pump

Rosenbauer Series NH Pump

Rosenbauer offers single-stage normal pressure centrifugal pumps in the N series range of products. They achieve the best possible efficiency through three-dimensional impeller blades, the diffuser and the spiral housing.

The pumps of the N series stand out with their flat pump characteristic curves. Pressure surges when opening and closing the nozzles are reduced to a minimum

  • Capable of up to 1500 GPM
  • Single stage normal pressure pump
  • Sealing via maintenance-free mechanical sealing
  • Low speed, therefore no gearbox is usually needed - noise reduction
  • The normal pressure housing is designed as a spiral housing with integrated diffuser for the highest possible efficiency

N Series Pump Brochure Download

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NH1500 | Normal Pressure/High Pressure

The NH series pumps combine all the benefits of the N series pump with those of a four-stage high-pressure centrifugal pump on a single pump shaft. The counter-rotating arrangement of the normal- and high-pressure impellers provides optimum thrust load compensation. A separate drive for the high-pressure pump is not required. With the help of a switchover valve, the water supply of the high-pressure pump can be activated and deactivated at any speed. The use of centrifugal impellers makes the high-pressure pump resistant against contaminated water. A separate filter system is not required. 

 The Rosenbauer high-pressure pump also has a flat characteristic. Pressure peaks, due to HP nozzles being opened and closed, are minimized.

NH Pump Brochure

Download brochure in PDF format

EZ Prime

The control of the priming pump depends on the pump pressure. When reaching the priming pressure, a cylinder disengages the priming pump – the priming process is disabled. For free-discharge or hydrant operation, the priming pump can be disabled.

FIXMIX Foam Proportioning

With this system, one proportioning rate can also be admixed on the high-pressure pump. This system works mechanically too. With the HP FIXMIX it is possible to provide water on the normal pressure side and foam on the high pressure side at the same time.