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Rosenbauer Firefighting Technology

Rosenbauer Commander Custom PumperRosenbauer is your true single source provider for over 145 years. Dating back to 1866, Rosenbauer has been the world leader in innovation for the fire service. Today, Rosenbauer, produces the most technologically advanced chassis from the Commander R-Series chassis to the mega size 6x6 Panther chassis for Airport Rescue Firefighting departments. Rosenbauer build's the most complete line of fire apparatus in the world today.

Rosenbauer Panther

Rosenbauer Industrial Emergency Vehicles

Due to the unique requirements of Industrial Emergency responses, Rosenbauer offers a full line of custom and commercial chassis that meet the most stringent safety standards. This allows us to work within the operational and budget requirements of even the most complex apparatus purchases.

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Rosenbauer Factory Refurbishment

From minor accident repairs to complete body replacement and aerial remounts, look to Rosenbauer to add quality years to the life of your apparatus. With more than 130 years of combined service and repair experience, the experts at Rosenbauer have the skill to rebuild and revitalize firefighting vehicles that have been put to the test. Along with years of experience, Rosenbauer personnel are EVT and ASE certified. We specialize in major refurbishment as well as routine repairs. Contact Rosenbauer for the best support before, during and after the sale.

Rosenbauer Factory Refurbishment

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