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Rosenbauer Wildland and Urban Interface Pumpers

Centurion Wildland is a formed aluminum body. Using the same modular body construction as our pumper Centurion body models. This apparatus has a 750 gallon poly booster tank, high pressure reels in the left and right cab steps, a 1,000 GPM Rosenbauer NH pump. Full pump-and-roll capabilities from the cab with a front bumper mounted turret.

Rosenbauer Wildland and Urban Interface PumpersWildland Specification Options
Body Choices: Timberwolf, FX, EXT, FL, CT
Storage Capacity: Variable

Body Material: 1/8", 3/16" Aluminum, 12 & 10 Ga. Steel, Composite

Compartment Height: Variable (Max 102")
Compartment Depth: Full depth 26"
Pump Capacity: 250 - 2000 GPM
Pump: Rosenbauer, Darley, Waterous, Hale
Pump Mount: Side, Top, Rear, Safe Scene
Custom Chassis: Commander AT, MetroStar, Gladiator, Furion, HME 1871?

Commercial Chassis: All major manufacturers

Rosenbauer Wildland and Urban Interface Brochure

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Rosenbauer Body Construction


Rosenbauer TimberwolfThe ultimate urban interface vehicle. The Rosenbauer Timberwolf is designed to meet both the requirements of a Type 1 structural pumper and a Type 3 off-road, wildland, fire-fighting vehicle. With a 1000 GPM multi-stage pumpand a 750 gallon water tank, the Rosenbauer Timberwolf delivers the performance to meet the complex challenge of fire-fighting.

Design construction for extreme-duty applications, superior pumping capability with high flow, high pressure and foam applications, user friendly design with simple to operate pump controls, rescue style body for all kinds of equipment storage.

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Rosenbauer Timberwolf

Rosenbauer FX Aluminum Body

Rosenbauer FX aluminum body styles feature a wide range of compartment configurations and strong, durable bodies so you can build the truck you want. Tough enough to get the job done, Rosenbauer FX aluminum bodies live up our highest, most important standards. Yours.

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Rosenbauer EXT Aluminum Body

Rosenbauer's EXT pumper features the most durable apparatus body available. Our EXT body features an integrated subframe made of aluminum I-Beams. Our compartments open fully with no obstructions, featuring inverted miter pins and enlosed door hinges. The EXT body features a 20 year lifetime and transferable warranty.

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Centurion (CT) Body (Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Composite)

The engineering staff at Rosenbauer uses the most advanced computer software programs on the market today to help create the most innovative body designs that are more durable and economical than anything you have ever seen in the past.

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Fireline (FL) Galvannealed Steel Body

Rosenbauer Fireline bodies are available in many configurations and feature a modular design for easy repair or remount. Constructed from 12 gauge galvannealed steel, Fireline bodies are economical, extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Offered with a variety of fire pumps and foam systems, Rosenbauer Fireline bodies bend solid steel to meet your needs.

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Rosenbauer GREEN Star™ Technology

Rosenbauer GREEN Star TechnollogyReduce Fuel Consumption
Nationally, 80% of runs are EMS or non-Fire related calls. Chassis diesel engines use up to 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour idling. Save up to 1.25 gallons of fuel using the GREEN Star? idle reduction technology system. Our system maintains apparatus 12 volt system, 120 volt system and chassis heating and cooling systems when the fire pump is not engaged.

Meeting EPA Emission Standards
To comply with the EPA's revised emission standards, OEM chassis manufacturers are using Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) that can become clogged due to frequent idling. DPF service can cost as much as $5,000 per truck. Rosenbauer's GREEN Star system utilizes an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to bypass the main chassis engine, reducing the strain on the DPF, saving thousands in fuel expenses and service fees.

Reduces operating costs
Fuel, oil changes, DPF service all can cost into the thousands. Start saving through the use of idle reduction technology by Rosenbauer.

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Rosenbauer Fire Pumps

Rosenbauer NH Series Pumps

Rosenbauer NH Series PumpsPump Ratings: NH 500 GPM at 150 psi, NH 750 GPM at 150 psi, NH 1000 GPM at 150 psi, NH 1250 GPM at 150 psi

Design: Multi-stage high pressure/volume fire pump

Pump Construction: High-grade alloy pump and accurately balanced impellers mounted on a stainless steel shaft.

Gear Case: Constructed from high-strength, low noise and helical cut for maximum transfer of power to pump. Multiple final drive gear ratios are available for maximum performance.

Gears: Gears are high strength, low noise and helical cut for maximum transfer of power to pump. Multiple final drive gear ratios are available for maximum performance.

Impellers: High-grade, light alloy impellers and diffusers

Priming System: Powered by a Rosenbauer positive displacement double-acting piston pump with oil bath lubricated moving parts. Primer pump is belt-driven from the pump gear case and automatically actuated when the pump is engaged. The priming pump disengages as prime is achieved and positive pressure is attained. Oils and lubricants are not expelled into the atmosphere in the priming process. A primer oil reservoir is not required and never needs refilling.

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Rosenbauer Portable Pumps

Fox High Performance Pump

Fox High Performance pumpEngine: BMW two-cylinder four-stroke 65 HP, electronic fuel injection. Electric start with manual back-up. Engine-mounted cooling fan, oil cooled

Fuel Capacity: 5.25 gal (20 L) low-mount tank

Pump: Single-stage aluminum centrifugal pump. Aluminum casing, cambered impeller in spiral housing Automatic piston priming pump with manual shut-off Stainless steel pump shaft, maintenance-free seals

Performance: 265 GPM at 220 PSI (1000 LPM at 15 bar), 425 GPM at 145 PSI (1600 LPM at 10 bar), 500 GPM at 90 PSI (1900 LPM at 6 bar)

Suction Pump: Automatically controlled double action piston pump with manual cut-off. Approx. priming time for suction height of 10': 5 sec. Approx. priming time for suction height of 20': 20 sec

Package: Lit panel with tachometer, hourmeter, pressure gauges, LED monitor for battery charge, oil pressure and fuel Optional engine overheat, cavitation alarm Detachable spotlight

Aluminum frame

Otter Portable Pump

Otter Portable PumpEngine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 2-cylinder/4 stroke gasoline. 18 HP at 3600 RPM. Optional Hatz four-stroke diesel, 14HP, Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity: 2.25 gal (8.5L)

Pump: Single-stage aluminum centrifugal pump

Performance at 10' suction height: 130 GPM at 85 PSI (500 LPM at 6 bar), 210 GPM at 70 PSI (800 LPM at 5 bar), 260 GPM at 55 PSI (1,000 LPM at 4 bar) Maximum 290 GPM at 43.5 PSI (5' suction height)

Connections:2.5" NST suction & 2.5" NST discharge Storz avilable

Priming Pump: Manual piston. 24.5' max. suction height.

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 20" x 22" x 25" (510 x 560 x 630 mm)

Aluminum Frame:145 lb (66 kg)


Rosenbauer Foam Solutions

Rosenbauer Fix Mix High Pressure Foam System

Rosenbauer FIX MIXThe Rosenbauer Fix Mix high pressure foam system provides CAFS-like foam as a reliable alternative to other more costly and complicated foam equipment and is optional on Rosenbauer NH Series fire pumps. This fully mechanical system requires no electricity, hydraulics or calibration to keep operations simple with low maintenance. The Fix Mix system enables flows of high pressure foam and normal pressure simultaneously, both in stationary and pump-and-roll operation.

Rosenbauer Max CAFS

Rosenbauer Max CAFSDesigned to maximize every gallon. Rosenbauer's Max CAFS is a high-performance, economical compressed air foam system designed to make the most of your water power. The Max CAFS injects air into the foam solution, forming a stronger solution comprised of "bublets." This injection process delivers a more efficient fire stream and increase stream reach.

Rosenbauer Ultra High Pressure Foam System

Rosenbauer Ultra High Pressure Foam SystemDesigned for high for high pressure situations. Rosenbauer's Ultra High Pressure System (UHPS) is ideal for first responders, car fires, forest fires and small gasoline and alcohol fires. Developed in a joint project by Rosenbauer and the U.S. Air Force, the UHPS is a proven and extensively tested system that provides big firefighting capabilityin a small package.

The UHPS also features:

Preset output of 10 GPM at 1450 psi

Fully automatic settings from 0.1% to 6.0% for all foam types

Briggs & Stratton 16hp Vanguard engine with six-cylinder high pressure pump

Five-gallon foam tank

Water tank capacity up to 300 gallons depending on the appliaction and vehicle mounting location