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Scotty Forestry Water Pump & Backpack

4000-BP Water Hand Pump and Backpack
4000 Water Hand Pump only
Scotty Forestry Water Pump & Backpack4002A Water/Foam Backpack only
4062 4ft. Pick-up Hose

- Includes Hand Pump, 5 gallon (19 L) Backpack, 4 foot Pick-up Hose and
pressure nozzle.

-Single action pump with a brass inner chamber and piston.

- Incorporates easy to pump "Duckbill" checkvalve system.

- Outer sleeve made of super tough, engineering-grade polymer making it
durable and lightweight.

- No tools required for in-the-field disassembly for maintenance.

- Includes 4 foot pick-up hose with Quick Connect Shut-Off and Pump
Service Kit (4000SERVDB).


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Scotty Forestry Foam Pump & Backpack

4000F-BP Foam Hand Pump and Backpack
4000F Foam Hand Pump only
4002A Water/Foam Backpack onlyScotty Forestry Foam Pump & Backpack
4062 4ft. Pick-up Hose

  • All the components and features of the 4000-BP Hand Pump & Backpack (above) with the addition of a foam eductor and air-aspirating nozzle (4003).

  • The 4000F-BP eliminates the need to batch mix when Class A foam is required.

  • Each time pump draws water, foam concentrate is educted at 1% into the pump chamber.

  • The 4003 air-aspirating nozzle generates foam when the pump is discharged.

  • Includes 4 foot Pick-up Hose with Quick Connect Shut-Off and Pump Service Kit (4000SERV-DB).

Scotty Bravo Backpack System

Scotty Bravo Backpack SystemThe Scotty 4000-BRAVO Backpack is designed to be a simple, portable reservoir for water and/or foam concentrate (Class A or Class B). It provides the wearer with a safe and comfortable way to carry liquids used during fire operations. The backpack system consists of an outer shell with a removable innner bladder. The outer shell is made in a high-visibility yellow, ballistic nylon fabric and is extremely durable and UV resistant. The BRAVO comes with an ultra comfortable shoulder harness system. It uses high strength nylon webbing for the fully adjustable shoulder, sternum and waist straps. The high-visibility yellow colour allows the Scotty Backpack to stand out through smoke and foliage. Each backpack has a 4" wide filled port with lid and a standard garden hose thread for an outlet.

4000-BRAVO Backpack with Water Hand Pump and 4062 Pick-up Hose
4000F-BRAVO Backpack with Foam Hand Pump and 4062 Pick-up Hose
4002B-BRAVO Backpack only

Ultra comfortable method to carry liquids used during fire operations.

Backpack has a capacity of 6 gallon (22 L), dimensions (empty)
are 24" H x 20" W.

The BRAVO Backpack consists of an outer, high-visibility yellow,
shell with a replaceable inner bladder.

Fully padded and adjustable shoulder and sternum straps.

Features: 4 filling port and lid with retaining strap, replaceable
bladder, 3 4 GHT outlet.

Waist belts can be rolled up and stored in onboard pockets.

Spine protecting center padding.

Gear pocket on the left-hand side for easy storage of hand pumps
or shovels.

Equipment storage pocket with clear label window (display crew

2" wide carry handle on top of the backpack.

Includes 4 foot pickup hose with Quick Connect Shut-Off and Pump
Service Kit (4000SERVDB).

4000-BRAVO comes with a 4000, WATER Hand Pump.

4000F-BRAVO comes with a 4000F, FOAM Hand Pump.

Scotty 6 Gallon Water Vest

Scotty 6 Gallon Water Vest4002V Water Vest only
4000-V Water Vest with Water Hand Pump
4000F-V Water Vest with Foam Hand Pump

4" Filler Port and 3/4" GHT Outlet.

6 Gallon (22 L) capacity.

Three quick release buckles.

Bright Yellow color for high visibility.

Available as Vest only (4002V) or paired with a Water Hand Pump (4000-V)
or a Foam Hand Pump (4000F-V).