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Green Stuff Absorbent

GREEN STUFF Spill AbsorbentGreen Stuff Absorbent can absorb virtually ANY chemical except cynaide solutions, sodium hypochlorite (>8%), organic peroxides, and concentrated nitric acid (>40%). Gren Stuff can absorb any viscosity liquid from thick sludge and paint to light solvents and water. It absorbs synthetic motor oils, turpentine and hydrofluoric acid and body fluids to name a few.

Green Stuff Absorbent is...
Non-mineral, phenolic resin absorbent.
High performance absorbent.
Versatile absorbent.
Non-hazardous material.
Environmentally friendly Non-leaching.
90% lighter than clay.
Fully absorbs synthetic motor oil.
Less warehousing space required.
Less vehicle and infrastructure degradation.
Less waste material for disposal.
The cost effective solution.

MSDS Green Stuff Green Stuff Material Safety Data Sheet -MSDS