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  • The sound of the Q-Siren is a registered trademark of Federal Signal Corporation
  • The distinct sound provides recognizable long distance warning
  • Utilizes a unique clutch design that provides a longer coast down sound while reducing the amp draw
  • Beautifully streamlined and polished electro-mechanical siren produces 123 decible at 10-feet
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e-Q2B siren

  • Traditional Q-Siren wail, yelp, air horn, PA and radio rebroadcast, park-kill input and horn ring input.
  • Requires one 200-watt speaker or two 100-speakers to complete the 200-watt system of the e-Q2B
  • Current draw of 20 amps makes the system ideal for large apparatus, ambulance applications and command vehicles
  • Redesigned for increased reliability and improved functionality
  • Features the traditional trademarked Q-Siren sound
  • New keypad features backlit membrane switches with tactile feel
  • New easy-to-read external diagnostics
  • Includes end plate with mounting legs
  • Improved power connector ensures increased reliability and connection strength
  • Smaller footprint



PA4000 Siren

  • 200-Watt electronic siren
  • Flush mount controller with remote amplifier
  • Noise-cancelling microphone included
  • Diagnostic feature checks system status
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Z3 Siren and Z3 SWIF - Code 3

Z3 Siren

NEW Features:

  • Configure the Auxiliary buttons to be disabled when the car ignition switch is turned off (i.e. gun lock button will not stay activated when the car is turned off and the sleep mode timer turns on)
  • Sleep mode now offers three additional times (1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour)
  • Z3 system will not lock up Configuration Software if the ignition input is on while connected to computer
  • Add ability to restore last known state of operation after loss of power
  • Sleep mode override feature allows you to instantly exit sleep mode
  • Over voltage protection function has been enhanced for newer vehicles that charge the battery at a higher voltage
  • Z3 system can be operated from multiple control devices (control head, Z3SWIF) using Z3 HUB
  • Configuration software has been enhanced so you can configure the siren with the ignition on
  • Easier to get back to the General Configuration screen with highly visible button in the top right corner of the configuration software screen
  • Compatible with (2) Z3 control heads
  • Hands free mode is now always in ready mode
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